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What can my school do with MySchoolNews App

Covers all school communication requirements

  • Perfect for all newsletters, notes, notices, reminders etc. Parents/students/Teachers subscribe to receive school information through mobile app and are approved by school portal admin.

  • Send news to Users

    Send news to entire users or to specific groups i.e. Staff/Parents and Students with only relevant information.  Information can be inform of media files or text files with video.

  • Short and long messages (replace expensive SMS)

    You can send shorts alerts or long messages. This helps to reduce the cost of sending sms, sending email or printing several copies of papers.

Automation saves time. In one step:

1. Send instant push alerts to Users’ smartphones

2. Update your school mobile app and tablet app

3. Users receives alerts on their mobile devices

Schools News App is perfect for everyday use and emergencies where you have to quickly contact User

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